Sunday, August 8, 2010

...A Singer.

The music is everything.

It's there when you need a release, when you need to lose yourself, when you need to be someone else, when you need to envision your life actually going places, when you need to dance, when you need to make a point,  when you need a pick-me-up, when you need a description for those indescribable things, when you need to feel, when you need to cry, when you need to find yourself, when you need a friend... The music is everything.

Let me explain...

Yiruma. "The River Flows in You". Look it up. When I need a release, I listen to this beautiful piece of work and I express myself through dance. I spin and stretch and leap and reach and most importantly, I feel. I envision a romantic scenario that is likely to take place in my future... if you knew me, you would understand... and let my body tell the story. Words aren't needed... it's just my body and the piano. <3

We The Kings. "We'll Be a Dream". Look it up. I sing it when I need to feel better. The female part is low enough in some parts for me to sing effortlessly, and high enough in some parts for me to show off my raw talent. The message of the entire song is about finding safety and comfort in love. I find that when I'm in his arms, everything is perfect. This is the song that gets me through his absence. When he's not here to hold me when things get tough, I close my eyes and sing it. Suddenly I'm wrapped in the warmest embrace I've ever felt. Nothing scares me. Nothing is wrong. "When the lights go out, we'll be safe and sound." <3

AFI. I can't even pick one song. Look them up. They're a miracle in the ears of a rock junkie like me. The hardcore angry sounds just make you feel better. Sing along. Scream. It feels so much better than throwing things or getting angry with people that are close to you. And it's more fun. Try it. <3

Joshua James. Look him up. When you need to relax, Joshua James is your man. Just listen to a playlist full of his songs, relax your body, and close your eyes. Sleep will come. I promise. <3

"Spring Awakening". A musical. Sound lame? Look it up. Read the story. Hear the music. The harmonies never cease to make me smile. Lea Michelle's songs are perfect in my vocal range. When I sing it, I can see myself playing her part on Broadway - my biggest dream. I lose myself in a story about life, learning, and love. I become Wendla, a sweet German girl whose fatal mistake was falling in love, and I leave myself behind until the song is over. It's amazing to know that if you don't want to be yourself, even for a few minutes, you don't have to be. <3

So I guess this isn't just A Day in the Life of a Singer. It's A Day in the Life of someone who appreciates music in its entirity. But singing is what led me to appreciate other kinds of music in the first place, so we'll go with it.

Next time you're listening to your favorite song, make one small change: close your eyes. Don't think about it; feel it. Engulf your soul in it entirely. Escape through it. Be it. The music is everything.

"Find your freedom in the music, find your Jesus, find your Cupid." - Lady Gaga

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